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We've been working hard at analyzing our 2020 ram crop.   A few things to note: 

1.  The first group is from breeding that focuses on muscle mass.  If you are looking for a sire for fair market lambs or top quality carcass traits one of these would be an excellent choice. 

     The second group is more focused on growth with an emphasis on NSIP data.   These rams may be faster growing and more suited to the commercial flock.

2.  Not all of the rams have been sheared and photographed at this time.  If there is one you are interested in that is not pictured let us know and we wll get you a photo.

3.  For those of you familiar with the National Sheep Improvement Program we have included the NSIP numbers for each animal along with some of

    his most recent estimated breeding values (EBV's)   If you would like more information on NSIP check out their website at

    If you click on the resources tab you can access the searchable database where you will always find the most recent information. 

    The EBV's may change whenever new data is entered by anyone on the program.  Bwt (birthweight), Wwt (weaning weight) and Pwwt (post weaning weight)

    are in Kilograms  Pfat (backfat) and PEMD (Predicted Loin eye muscle depth) are  in millimeters.  C+ is growth+fat+Pemd combined.

4.  Please note that at this time the dam and sire pages have not been updated.  We wanted to get this page working as soon as possible and will try

     to get more info online as soon as time permits.   Please give us a call if you have specific questions we can help with.


Lamb Birth Sire Dam Type Birth 25 July LEA BF NSIP NSIP Performance Data  

Weight Wt. adj to 135 lbs adj to 135 lbs
Number   Pwwt
Pemd C+ Price
All rams from this group have been sold.                          
503 1/26 BH3432 8307 TW 12.5 179 3.07 .11 6900352020020503 8.4 1.8 175.1 $600
547 3/2 BH3432 9325 S 14.5 163 3.08 .13 6900352020020547   8.5 1.1 165.6 $600




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