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Over the years we have used a number of excellent sires for our breeding program.  Below are some of the more recent ones.

BIG CHOPS (MGR 4001) (RR/NN), was the sire of many of our lambs from 2005 through 2007.  Pictured here at 5 months- 9 days of age, BIG CHOPS scanned a 5.01 sq in loineye at 181 lbs (4.55 adjusted to 135 lbs).  His twin ewe lamb scanned 4.17 in2.  Together they weighed a total of 343 lbs on that date.  His Sire is Mint Gold Ranch 1172.  MGR 1172 scanned 5.11 in2 loin at 191 lbs (4.44 adjusted to 135 lbs).  Big Chops represents the fourth generation of Mint Gold Ranch top scanned ram lambs.  His Dam is a Kimm ewe by Kimm 1010. 

MINT GOLD RANCH 4111 (RR/NN)  Here is a ram with truly a perfect balance of growth and muscle.  MSU 9170 (Sparty) is the sire.  9170 has since passed away but is currently the Carcase+ leader at 170.2.  The dam is MGR 1062 (MGR 349 x MGR 6029).  This family is my real stud ewe family.  MGR 6029 is 9 years old and nursing twins in 2015.  MGR 4111 is moderate in frame but has excellent girth for easy keeping.  His Carcase+ is in the 150's and may increase as we get more data on his lambs.  They really look nice.  As a lamb he had a 3.32 in2 loineye adjusted to 135 lbs and a depth of 1.41.  We will be keeping two of his sons for the 2017 lambing season.  Pedigree 


MINT GOLD RANCH 5316 (RR/NN)  A true muscle ram, having scanned 3.81 in2 loineye and having a very deep leg muscle.  5316's dam is MGR 3009 and she has had all of her lambs kept for breeding or sold for breeding.  His sire is MGR 223 who has had carcass champions in Ohio and Wisconsin.  Pedigree



MINT GOLD RANCH 5335 (RR/NN)  A nearly complete outcross for growth in our flock.  High NSIP numbers for growth.  He will put pounds on his lambs for extra dollars at market.  A grandson of the Sparty ram.  He and  his sons will be at the Center of the Nation Sale.  Pedigree



GRAND CHOPS (MGR 1172) (RR/NN).  He started with being a top ram at Wisconsin Ram Test in 2003 with 1.15 average daily gain and a loin of 3.80 in2 @ 160 lbs (3.55 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs).  We scanned him at the farm on July 11, 2003.  He scanned 4.53 in2 @ 183 lbs (4.05 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs).  We again scanned him on August 15, 2003 and he scanned 5.00 in2 @ 191 lbs (4.44 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs).  As you can see his loin continued to grow until well through his first 8 months.  His twin scanned 3.71 in2 @ 140 lbs (3.64 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs).  And on August 15, 2003 she scanned 4.78 in2 @ 169 lbs (4.44 in2 @ 135 lbs).  We used "Grand Chops" for breeding on a few ewes and sold him that same fall.  It wasn't until we scanned his lambs that we recognized his value.  He sired 10 ram lambs (including Big Chops) and they averaged 3.67 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs.  He sired 6 ewe lambs and they averaged 3.73 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs.  All total 5 of 16 that scanned over 4.00 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs.  His was the third generation of top scanned rams.  And his dam was a home raised ewe that topped her class at the River Falls Jackpot show.  MGR 1172 returned home in 2006 and we used him again for our 2007 lamb crop.  He is pictured here about 6 months of age.

Kimm 6106 (RR/NN) is sired by JCJ J100 and Kimm 3188.  6106 had three consistent scans during the summer with a scan of 3.67 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs.  His dam is a top producing ewe with excellent NSIP numbers.  She has Kimm 2022 as a sire and Mc 144 and Slack 5259 ET as Grandsires.  We purchased this ram as an outcross and used him on 14 high scanning ewe lambs in 2007.

Kimm 5129 (RR/NN).  This is a ram that is also an outcross for our breeding program.  He had a scan of 3.86 in2 adj. to 135 lbs.  He was born on 5JAN05 and on 1MAY05 weighed 165 lbs as a twin.  He also has good rear leg development.  We don't have as much data on the dam but his pedigree is a good outcross for the MGR program.  5129 is sired by Kimm 3156.  In 2006 five ewe lambs from this sire averaged 3.26 in2 loin.



MGR 4021 (RR/NN)  4021's dam is a ewe lamb we purchased with a 4.23 in2 loin @ 135 lbs.  4021 was one of a set of very consistent triplets.  They scanned (4021) 3.8 in2; (4022) 3.69 in2; and (4023) 3.9 in2.   4022 sold to Michigan and his son scanned 4.55 in2.  All of the scans are adjusted to 135 lbs.  We bought back 4021 to get some of his genetics back in our flock.  4021 is by the MGR 1172 Grand Chops ram.  4021's dam is predominately Tom Slack breeding.  Look for carcass quality and consistency in his lambs.  (No photo available) 


SUFFOLK MGR 7004 (RR/NN) is the fifth generation of top scanned rams.  He topped the 2007 ram lamb crop with a scan of 4.90 in2 loineye at 145 days of age and weighing 163 lbs (4.62 in2 adj. to 135 lbs).  His Sire is MGR 1172 (Grand Chops) (4.44 @ 135 lbs).  His Dam MGR 5090 (3.38 @ 135 lbs) is by Big Chops (4.55 @ 135 lbs) and Kimm 4196.  MGR 7004 is a very correct ram with thickness throughout.   Pedigree


MINT GOLD RANCH 7005 (RR/NN).  This sire goes back to many years of genetic development here at Mint Gold Ranch.  7005's sire is MGR 4001 (Big Chops) listed in the Flock Sire History page with loineyes being his outstanding trait.  7005's dam is MGR 1199.  She was simply the thickest ewe we had ever raised.  7005's twin was 7006 who we also repurchased and used in 2010.  7005 was sold to a customer in West Virginia.  His sons and daughters are a standout for thickness and are proving it in several ram test stations.  We are pleased to bring back this ram and see how his offspring perform.  7005 was born on 6 Jan 07 and by 1 June 07 weighed 194 lbs and scanned 4.70 in2 loineye (4.11 in2 adjusted to  135 lbs).  7005 and his twin brother 7006 weighed a combined 374 lbs in 146 days.  7005's dam 1199 scanned 4.09 adjusted to 135 lbs.  7005's sire, MGR 4001, scanned 5.01 in2 loin at 181 lbs (4.55 adjusted to 135 lbs).  Not only was the scan of 7005 outstanding but his paternal and maternal siblings were our strongest scanning lambs.  To my knowledge no pedigree was ever documented to have higher scans on all five generations in its pedigree.    His picture here shows him at just over 4 months of age.  Pedigree

SUFFOLK MGR 7006 (RR/NN).  This sire goes back to many years of genetic development here at Mint Gold Ranch.  7006's sire is MGR 4001 (Big Chops) listed in the Flock Sire History page with loineyes being his outstanding trait.  7006's dam is MGR 1199.  She was simply the thickest ewe we had ever raised.  7006's twin was 7005 who was sold to West Virginia.  Sons and daughters are a standout for thickness and are proving it in several ram test stations.  We are pleased to bring back this ram and see how his offspring perform.  7006 scanned 3.76 in2 @ 135 lbs.  His picture here shows him at just over 4 months of age.  Pedigree



Kimm 7050 (RR/NN).  This ram was purchased as an outcross.  His Sire is Shell 355 and Dam is Kimm 00044.  We liked this ram because of his extreme thickness.  His rear legs have deep development and his loineye scan was 3.82 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs.  He makes a good outcross in our breeding program.  Pedigree.


MSU 7104 (RR/NN)  This ram is owned by Ed Dittbrenner and was made available for our use.  He is a son of the long time growth trait leader in NSIP (5BR155).  MSU 7104 is now the new growth trait leader at +6.3 lbs at weaning and + 12.3 lbs at 120 days.  That means on an average his lambs will weigh 12.3 lbs more than the average Suffolk ram.  Data is based on 200+ rams.  His lambs truly have their growth spurt up through 120 days.  He is our "growth first, muscle mass second" leader.  The flock owners of 7104's sons make pleasing comments.  "Best ram I have owned."  "He pays for himself in extra pounds of lamb he produces."  At Mint Gold Ranch lambs by MSU 7104 were +16 lbs over the pen mates of other rams.  Although he has less muscle than other rams at Mint Gold Ranch, he still is +11 in2 loineye over the average Suffolk ram.  (No Photo Available)  Pedigree


Kimm 7172 (RR/NN)  This ram has an excellent profile.  Very straight and square.  We purchased him because of the interesting sire, dam combination.  His sire is VanArkel “Remington”.  His offspring were the frame sheep to beat in the western show circuit.  His dam is Kimm 5214 who is by McG 38 and a 1061 daughter (very heavy muscled sheep).   He scanned 3.80 in2 at 174 lbs. on 17AUG07 (3.41@135).   Pedigree


MGR 8018 (RR/NN)  This is our top scanning ram lamb for 2008.  He scanned 4.43 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs.  He is by the MGR 7004 ram and Kimm 5120 ewe (38 daughter).  Pedigree



KIMM 8146 (RR/NN)  We continue to look for an outcross that has a reasonable loineye based on our flock and has a market lamb show ring look.  8146 has excellent length and top width.  We see that in his lambs even at a very young age.  8146 is by Kimm 7011 and Kimm 7045 (K2022 x 38's daughter).   Pedigree




MINT GOLD RANCH 349  (RR/NN)  He is by the all time growth trait leader MSU 7104 and the dam is Kimm 8051 (M 5211 sire & Mc 38 grandsire)  8051 is a very girthy ewe with great maternal traits.  349 follows the dam with excellent forage intake - easy keeper.  Currently 349 is within the top 5 rams in PWWT and Carcass+ index (growth & carcass) of 158.5.  Pedigree


KIMM 9068 (RR/NN) is by the Owens 613 ram.  A ram with large rear end.  The dam is Kimm 99108.  she is a granddaughter of the great Hickman W-43.  She was reknowned for adding huge rear ends.  In this lamb crop the 9068 lambs are standouts at 2 weeks of age on up.  The hips are wide and the leg muscles are deep.  Tops are straight carrying level through the dock.  Although I don't expect the loineyes to be as large as offspring of some of the other rams (Kimm 9068 scanned 3.30) the lambs will have the look for the market lamb classes.  Our only difficulty with the lambs was allowing the width of the lamb's rear end fit through the creep panels without letting the ewes squeeze through.  Pedigree

MGR 1061 (RR/NN) is excellent for his growth and carcass index in NSIP.  MGR 1061 is by MGR 349.  349 is out of MSU 7104 and  KIMM 8051 (growth and carcass).  1061's dam is MGR 6029.  6029 has produced many outstanding rams, one of which sold at the Center of the Nation sale for $1,200.  MGR 1061 has a carcass+ index of 129.5 (29.5% over the average Suffolk ram)  Pedigree



MGR 1069 (RR/NN) is a ram with balance for solid market lamb class performance.  His sire is MGR 223 who was the Supreme Champion ram at the 2010 Interstate Livestock Show.  He has since been sold to a customer in Michigan.  MGR 223 has been the best son of KIMM 9068 so far.  1069's dam is MGR 347 who is by MGR 7004 and MGR 4042.  347 is a full sister to the ram we sold to Virginia Tech for a loineye study in their flock.  1069 scanned 3.12 in2 @ 135 lbs but the unique issue was his depth of loin 1.26 in.  Given the solid family and excellent loin depth we kept him to use on the ewe lambs.  1069 is not a large ram but has a sound look for the market lamb class.  Pedigree



BUNKER HILL 2536    We purchased this ram at the Center of the Nation sale in 2011 for $1,500.  His sire Sparty listed below brought $1,750 in 2010.  It's too early to report on his lambs, but as a lamb BH 2536 is a +6.8 pwwt (120 day) and 149.3 carcass+ index.  More data will come this summer on his lambs.  Choose one of his offspring to add rate of gain to your flock.  (No photo available).  Pedigree


Kimm 10092 (RR/NN) is a purely a stout ram.  Not as refined as some rams but possesses a good loineye.  He scanned 3.70 adjusted to 135 lbs.  His twin ewe lamb scanned 3.84 adjusted and sold for $650.  He was our clean up ram and did a good job.  Sire is T. Slack breeding.  Dam is a solid Kimm ewe out of Mc 38.  Pedigree



Dittbrenner 10R6 Ed Dittbrenner was so kind as to allow us to use 10R6.  He is by MSU 7104 (all time growth leader) and Bunker Hill 2179.  10R6 is purely for growth and early numbers are 5.8 PWWT (post weaning weight).  This is based on a few lambs but one of the ram lambs is currently growing at 2.4 lbs per day.  Carcass+ index is 121.4. (No photo available).  Pedigree


SPARTY (MSU 9170) (RR/NN)  High selling ram at the 2010 NSIP Center of the Nation Sale.  There are only two rams that have a carcass+ index higher than MGR 349 and they were Sparty and his son Warhorse.  Sparty is high on the early growth part of the index.  Sparty's growth numbers would mean that his lambs will be 8.7 lbs larger at 120 days than an average lamb.  His sire is the Culham & Stevens 5BR 135 was the former growth leader.   Bunkerhill was gracious enough to let us use him this year.  He is all growth on a large frame.  Plan on his lambs being big in the Suffolk breeding classes.




MINT GOLD RANCH 3017 (RR/NN)  3017 was a standout ram lamb being shown at the 2013 Interstate Livestock Show.  He was Champion Suffolk Ram and first in the Wether Winter Ram Lamb Class.  On 8 June 2013 he scanned 4.25 in2 loin (1.49 in deep) @ 176 lbs.  That is 3.84 in2 adjusted to 135 lbs.  3017 is by the Kimm 12077 ram (also at Mint Gold Ranch).  His dam is MGR 249.  MGR 249 is by the MGR 6029 ewe who has just lambed with a beautiful ram lamb at 8 years of age.  Pedigree



KIMM 13052 (RR/NN)  I have waited 6 years for his mother to be bred to the right ram Virginia Tech 5211. VT 5211 is positive for growth and loineye EBV's with over 340 lambs being sired in 9 years.  His dam is Kimm 3082 who had the largest loineye muscle expression of all ewes tested on the NSIP database (+.4 inch).  Her offspring have sold for over $15,000.  3082 died nursing this ram lamb 13052.  Being a triplet from a 10-year-old ewe, 13052 probably has not expressed his full muscle potential.  13052 is a total outcross to our flock.  He was used on some of the high muscle ewes.  His first lambs have been born and have very wide tops, level docks.  He should have longevity with the sire being 9 years old and the dam 10 years old and lambing triplets.  His sire and dam also have a strong balance for growth and muscle with all EBV's (Expected Breeding Value) being positive.  Pedigree



MINT GOLD RANCH 223  (RR/NN)  Here is a ram noted for his good loin but also a large rear leg.  Our granddaughter showed him as a lamb at the 2010 Interstate Livestock Show and he was Supreme Champion Ram.  He went on to Harvey Warrick in Michigan.  Harvey entered a pen of his lambs in the Ohio State Fair.  Seventeen pens competed and lambs by MGR 223 were first on the hoof and first on the carcass rail.     Pedigree



MINT GOLD RANCH 2005 (RR/NN)  2005 is by MGR 7005 (listed on Flock Sire Page).  He was used by Bunker Hill Farm for 2013 lambs as well as here at Mint Gold Ranch.  He was brought back to use for the 2014 lamb crop.  His loin depth is his strong suit.  He scanned 4.21 @ 177 lbs (3.79 adjusted), but the depth of the loin was a whopping 1.65 in.  Pedigree



Kimm 12077 (RR/NN).  This ram is by the Mc 11-23 ram who is extreme in muscle with a loineye scan of 4.8.  The ewe Kimm 10107 is by the Howard 6070 ram and Kimm 7013 grandsire.  Kimm 10107 has excellent NSIP numbers for muscle mass being plus in all growth and muscle traits.  12077's twin ewe lamb scanned 4.19 and 12077 scanned 3.62.  12077 and his full siblings sold on the Kimm 2012-13 sales for an average of $1,438.  Plus Bob has a full sibling as the 2013 keeper ram.  Although he is smaller in stature, his lambs will finish properly with a huge rack. Pedigree



Kimm 12307 (RR/NN)  A son of MacCauley 2010 and the dam is by SL 3034.  Kimm 12307 and his twin both scanned 3.5 loineye.  We purchased him to add extra length and rear leg muscle.  He should add a modern look to his market lambs.  Pedigree



MINT GOLD RANCH 4206 (RR/NN)  Here is a ram that is the extreme growth in our flock.  The sire is Sparty (MSU 9170) from the Bunkerhill program.  Sparty is the lead sire in Carcase+ rating with a 170.2.  He has since passed away.  The granddam Burke 8022 was purchased because she was simply one of the biggest girthy ewes of the breed.  We bred her to the MGR 349 ram.  MGR 349 is a son of MSU 7104 who is the growth PWWT leader of all time at +13.  MGR 349's dam was a girthy muscle ewe from the Kimm breeding program whose sire was KRM 5211 (about 400 offspring in the NSIP data base of growth and muscle.)  We do not have a photo of 4206 available at this time.  Pedigree


MINT GOLD RANCH 5352 (RR/NN)  You only get a few rams in a lifetime that have data that keeps climbing.  His offspring keep giving a kick to his NSIP numbers.  2017 carcass+ index is 160.4.  The PWWT is 8.8, among the highest of all rams on test.  His full brother from 2016 is with carcass+ of 187 (all time top number)  Pedigree



MINT GOLD RANCH 6334 (RR/NN)  This is a 3rd generation keeper ram from our breeding program.  Heavy in carcass champions in multiple states.  The whole family has deep inner thigh muscle and deep loineye muscle.  MGR 6334 will be in the top loineye list of rams along with other MGR rams.  He scanned 3.79 adjusted loineye.  His maternal brothers this year (2017) are again beautiful lambs.  6334 (2017) has an PEMD of 3.8 currently top in NSIP sires.  Pedigree



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