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Sires for most of our 2018 lambs are shown below.  Click on the photo to see a larger image. 


MINT GOLD RANCH 5308 (RR/NN)  This ram was sold in 2015 as a lamb.  We got reports on the dam MGR 3051 and her numbers kept going up on NSIP.  PEMD loineye numbers are now second in ewes to another ewe in our flock.  3051 has PEMD of 4.40 and second in the top 11 ewes all from MGR.  After seeing that the previous owners were getting excellent carcass numbers on State Fair lambs sired by 5308, we purchased him back for our breeding program.  We already had 7314 here on the farm, who is a full brother to 5308.   Together the 2018 lambs by these two brothers have NSIP numbers that are headed to new heights.  Pedigree

    MINT GOLD RANCH 7314 (RR/NN)  A few years ago I could not have imagined  that we could get a ram with NSIP PEMD (loineye) of +4.80.  We also purchased his full brother (5308) and brought him back to the farm.  Together these two rams solidify our farm as the top Suffolk loneye flock for the breed.  Pedigree

    MINT GOLD RANCH 7309  (RR/NN)  This ram is a different breeding line with a focus on muscle mass.  We needed a line that breaks away from the K120777-MGR 7314-MGR 5308 breeding line.  MGR 7309 has PEMD (loineye) EBV of 3.7 following right behind 7314 and 5308 in PEMD numbers.  7309's attributes are a little more rear leg dimention with inner thigh muscle running very deep.  Pedigree



KIMM 15025 (RR/NN)  This was the one of the best NSIP rams that Bob Kimm had to offer.  Carcass+ index of 146.  His loineye was 3.60, PEMD 1.7.  He makes a good outcross for our breeding program.  A ram with a true combination of muscle and growth.  His dam is Kimm 11091 with a Carcass+ of 150.  Her 2016 triplets sold for $5,300.  In 2017 her twin ewe lambs brought $1700.  We have purchased 3 of her offspring. Pedigree




MINT GOLD RANCH 6307 (RR/NN)   A double grandson of the Sparty ram MSU 9170.  You would think that he would be all growth.  How wrong that is in his offspring.  6307 was a standout as a lamb in 2016.  Not only was he the biggest and fastest growing ram but he also had huge leg muscles.  We consider 6307 on the growth side of our flock.  But 4H'ers who come to pick out lambs often choose 6307 offspring because of the large rear leg development.  His offspring stand out even at weaning age.  6307 is a highlight in our flock although the growth ram Sparty represents the sire side, the dam's large muscle mass has a major influence.  His type of lambs are the pinnacle of what the Suffolk breed has strived to accomplish.  Growth and muscle traits that no other breed can provide.  6307 sires nearly all of our entries for performance lambs for Wisconsin State Fair.  Performance lambs are rated on daily rate of gain, carcass and show ring.  6307 offspring will have a major impact on the future of the Mint Gold breeding program.  Pedigree

Reau 607  We purchased this ram for the growth side of the flock.  His loineye was slightly positive with a PWWT of +10.  We were told the dam's udder was very good.  Udders are ever important to us.  We don't want udder or treat problems when starting newborn lambs.  607's lambs have excellent growth.  Many customers favor extra pounds sold, and their markets don't have a premium for musclen dimensions.  607 maintains our breeding program for the growth segment of the market.  Pedigree

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